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In this DVD you’ll find two transformational Vinyasa practices designed to speak to the mind, body, and soul.

The classes in this DVD can be used as a wonderful tool to help you connect with the power of your breath and find your innate-natural rhythms.

These practices are more than doing yoga or getting into a pose, instead, you will experience compassionate, fluid and empowering flow of self-discovery celebrating the journey not just the destination.

You’ll be invited to let go of inhibitions throughout the practice so you can move from a place of doing yoga into a place of being.



"Enjoy transformational Prana Vinyasa with Adri, a soulful, creative and skillful teacher who empowered people of all walks of life."

Shiva Rea, Global Teacher and Activist.

Get Two Amazing Classes For An Incredible Price!

Part of proceeds will be donated to Healing Hands Foundation.

Empower & Renew DVD - Take Your Practice To A New Level!


  • Contains two full Vinyasa classes or customize your practice by selecting individual segments of your choice
  • Experience physical & energetic alignment
  • Build strength & stamina while renewing the mind, body, and soul
  • Use of different options (Kramas) to tailor your practice to your body’s needs and practice level
  • Transform your practice from simply doing yoga into a complete state of being




For the past 14 years, I’ve been passionate about helping people improve the quality of their lives, health, and overall wellness.

Honestly; there are only a few areas in your life, that when you commit to change them, can have the greatest impact:

Your Body, Your Emotions, and Mind/Body Connection

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with what we should do, look like, and be, in order to fit in with the norm.

Now, more than ever, we seem to be less in tune with the natural rhythms of nature, our bodies, our passions, dreams, goals, and relationships. We are asked to do more, be more, have more… more more, more… leading us on a path of constant stress.

Worries caused by money, fear, dislike of job or career, emotional problems, etc… can have a very clear impact on our health and quality of life.

I created this DVD to make Yoga accessible to everyone regardless of age, shape, size, and gender.






Adri Kyser- Camel Variation

What many people don’t know is that I used to suffer from chronic back pain, poses like the one on the right were once impossible since it caused so much pain.

My experience with back pain led me to yoga and to a journey of mind, body and emotional wellness for the past 14 years.

Yoga has helped many people like you and me who suffered from stress and chronic pain turn things around and become pain-free in a more holistic, natural and cost-effective way.



My Special Gift to You Today: Health And Wellbeing With Yoga.

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EMPOWER Vinyasa Flow (43:52)

This dynamic, energizing and empowering Prana Vinyasa® class is designed to help you take your yoga practice to the next level. Choosing from different Kramas (stages), you will be able to build strength and stamina without compromising your breath and body while getting into poses. During this practice, you will experience the weaving of arm balances and hip opening asanas for an effortless yet powerful experience. Empower yourself as you navigate through your innate flow.

RENEW Vinyasa Flow (1:08)

This is the perfect class for anyone looking for a slower paced Vinyasa practice. Renew and restore mind, body, and soul as we explore a series of creative lunar Vinyasa sequences while surrendering to the meditative flow of our sadhana (practice). During this Prana Vinyasa® class, we will move to slower rhythms, increasing vitality and energy while renewing our entire being. Together, we’ll explore different variations of low lunges, Hanumanasana (Splits), and Vasisthasana (Side Plank). Just like Hanuman, we can take a leap of faith, let go of fear and establish ourselves in a loving and nurturing space. End the class feeling inspired, connected and transformed.




Start your journey to Mind-Body Wellness and leave feeling Inspired, Empowered & Renewed!

About Adri

Adri Kyser is an International Wellness Expert, Coach, and Inspirational Speaker. She is the founder and creator of Enlightened Alchemy™ and Inner Beauty Wellness.

Adri was born and raised in Caracas Venezuela, where she went to Law School for a few years before moving to the US. Adri’s caring, unique and authentic approach to holistic wellness coaching stems from her personal experience in coping with chronic back pain for over a decade.

During her healing journey, Adri received numerous certifications in diverse wellness modalities helping her heal from the inside out.

Adri’s pain is now gone but more importantly for the past 15 years she has helped hundreds of women worldwide heal from past emotional hurts and release negative patterns so they can improve their health, feel empowered, and live a more prosperous life.

Adri is an International Yoga teacher with a strong and dedicated following. She has been featured in several incredible fitness and wellness brands, and her expertise has appeared in a number of publications both in print and online.

Adri’s programs will help you step fully into your power, awaken your intuition, and improve your overall wellness. She loves and supports charities like Yoga Gives Back and the Healing Hands Foundation, two non-profit organizations making a positive difference in the world.

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