Intro To Crystals & Crystal Healing Course

Crystal Healing Course - Adri Kyser

Want to learn more about crystals and how they can support your health and wellness?

Would like to work with your crystals in easy yet powerful ways?

Do you wish you knew what to look for when shopping for crystals?

I’m super excited to share with you this Intro to Crystals and Crystal Healing Course!

Whether you are new to crystals or you simply want to deepen your knowledge… This course is PERFECT FOR YOU!

This is the ONLY COURSE that covers essential information and beyond, gives you TWO step by step crystal healing techniques, and PROVIDES YOU with OVER 4 HOURS of numerous HEALING just for you! It is like getting a teacher, mentor and healer all in one course!

Access TWO ONLINE CLASSES  and supporting materials to help you discover the beauty and magic of crystals and their metaphysical properties and how to work with crystals on a regular basis in simple and accessible ways!

This course has  4 hours of pure Crystal Magic, healing meditations, energetic activations, 2 “how-to” healing techniques, manuals, and more all valued over $997!

I have become quite interested in several modalities of natural healing. Adri gave a beautiful history of Crystal healing, how to use them to bring healing into your life (or others that you may be assisting), what each is used for and how to care for them.

This course was exactly what I was hoping for! For anyone who is even mildly interested in exploring this beautiful art, I would highly recommend this course!


Crystals For Overall Wellness

Intro To Crystal Healing - Adri Kyser


I believe that if we are given the right tools, we can achieve and sustain physical, mental and emotional balance and wellness.

Working with crystals is a gift and a privilege!

I created this course to introduce people LIKE YOU to the basics of working with these beautiful gifts from the Earth (crystals) and how you can easily incorporate crystal healing into your life.  

This course will help you implement crystal healing in your daily life and start or grow your business!

As a holistic wellness coach, yoga teacher and alchemist, my goal is to help you awaken your intuition, improve your confidence and your overall wellness using diverse holistic modalities and sacred tools.

Through my OWN WELLNESS Journey to heal myself from the inside out, I have worked with numerous holistic tools and modalities. This Enlightened Alchemy™ process included working with crystals to help me experience their metaphysical healing properties and to awaken my spiritual gifts as well.


Use Mother Earth’s Gifts Of Crystals As Energy Healing Tools With Confidence & Joy!

This introductory crystal and crystal healing course is perfect for you if you are new to crystals or you simply want to deepen your knowledge, learn about crystal healing, and how to use them on a regular basis in simple and accessible ways!

After taking this 2-part class, you’ll have the knowledge and skillset to work with crystals, do simple crystal healing techniques for yourself, friends and family with more confidence!

This course will help you understand what crystals are, what crystal healing is, how to work with crystals, and so much more.

In addition, you received TWO “How-to” techniques you can implement right away to start or grow your business.

You also receive powerful healing meditation and activations (think of it as getting your own healing session with a powerful healer)  so you can start your journey feeling more balanced, confident, and empowered when using crystals for crystal healing.


Whether you are new to crystals or are familiar with them, this introductory class ’s open to everyone!

I’ve designed this course to provide you with essential content that stands on its own to help you start or deepen your work with crystals.  

And honestly, if you’re buying crystals and starting your own collection, I feel this is great info to have and easily understand so you can continue to grow your collection with confidence and ease.  

In addition, you will receive healing and specific activations to awaken your own intuitive abilities, balance your chakras, and connect with your crystalline energy body! 

This course gave me a comprehensive overview of the power of crystals and how to use them in my life. For years I have liked crystals purely on a level of thinking they are beautiful but having no idea what powers they hold.

The meditations Adri provides in the course are peaceful and a nice bonus to the crystal education.


This Course Is Perfect For You Are Wanting to:

Become Your Own Crystal Healer

Crystal Therapy

I’m so excited! I took this intro to crystal course and learned so much. I also did a private session with Adri and have been impressed. She recognized a few things in my life we had yet to speak about confirming my suspicions.

I'm very excited to work to clear these items from my life!


During This Course You Will Explore:

What This Course Is Not!



Although this a comprehensive introductory crystal course, it is not meant to cover ALL crystals, all of their properties, and all aspects of crystal healing. This will take months!

However, after this course, you’ll have a strong foundation and better understanding on how to use crystals with more confidence and enjoyment!



This course includes everything you need to feel empowered as you work with crystals and incorporate crystal healing into your life and start or grow your business!

Crystal Flower Bath

What’s Included:

Become Your Own Crystal Alchemist After This Course!

About Adri

Adri Kyser is an International Wellness Expert, Coach, and Inspirational Speaker. She is the founder and creator of Enlightened Alchemy™ and Inner Beauty Wellness.

Adri was born and raised in Caracas Venezuela, where she went to Law School for a few years before moving to the US. Adri’s caring, unique and authentic approach to holistic wellness coaching stems from her personal experience in coping with chronic back pain for over a decade.

During her healing journey, Adri received numerous certifications in diverse wellness modalities helping her heal from the inside out.

Adri’s pain is now gone but more importantly for the past 15 years she has helped hundreds of women worldwide heal from past emotional hurts and release negative patterns so they can improve their health, feel empowered, and live a more prosperous life.

Adri is an International Yoga Teacher with a strong and dedicated following. She has been featured in several incredible fitness and wellness brands, and her expertise has appeared in a number of publications both in print and online.

Adri’s programs will help you step fully into your power, awaken your intuition, and improve your overall wellness. She loves and supports charities like Yoga Gives Back and the Healing Hands Foundation, two non-profit organizations making a positive difference in the world.

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